Visitor and Contractor Management

Visitor Management is the latest in Cloud-based Staff, Visitor & Contractor Management solutions.  DigiGreet visitor management allows staff & visitors to check in using a touch-screen in the reception area, their mobile phone or using a QR code.  Once checked in, they are asked a number of questions relating to their visit such as ‘Bob’ who is visiting the warehouse.  ‘Bob’ will be asked a few questions such as ‘what is the correct fire extinguisher to use on a paper-based fire’.  Asking questions relevant to the visit ensures your visitors and staff have a safe visit to your premises.

Already have fobs for door access

Use the same fobs to sign in and out of our DigiGreet Visitor Management System as we can use and integrate with most contactless technologies, all you need is a USB reader with keyboard output from your supplier.  Paxton is the market-leading IP access control, door entry and building intelligence system for smart buildings. Use DigiGreet Connect with Paxton to fully synchronise with DigiGreet.

On enterprise, you can also set temporary fobs for Visitors or Contractors who are constantly going to be in and out of the building. If you want to know if your current fobs will work with DigiGreet just get in touch and we can let you know how it will work.

Visitor and Contractor Management
Visitor and Contractor Management

Why uses the system?

Compared to a paper-based system, DigiGreet visitor management greatly reduces administration costs and time. It is easy to use with minimal training.  It is available with a “no-hassle” set up for a monthly charge.

See who is on your premises at any time, you can also see times, frequency, and a host of other useful information to help you manage the business.

How does it benefit the user?

It looks great and gives visitors a positive first impression.  It remembers you and can give you personalised reminders and messages on arrival and exit.

Benefits of DigiGreet

Monitoring – Real-time reports on who is on the premises. In an emergency, everyone can be accounted for easily.

Branding – The main screen of DigiGreet can be customised to take on board your logos and colours.

Printing – You can print off branded visitor/ID badges (Pro with just a logo or Including a photo of visitors Enterprise).

Fire log reports – DigiGreet allows you to take a register of all the people on-site in a fire drill, keeping a log for health and safety purposes.

Multi-Site – Manage visitors and staff across multiple sites

Visitor and Contractor Management
Visitor and Contractor Management

Health Safety – Have a pre-requisite questions or an agreement before a visitor can sign in, DigiGreet can take this into account.

Staff and Visitors – Manage staff differently to visitors

Reporting – See key visit data such as contractor timesheets, daily visitor numbers and late arrivals

Fobs – Already have staff key fobs or cards? We can link them to DigiGreet.

Email/SMS Notifications– Waiting for a visitor to arrive, once they do we send you an email or SMS notification to let you know. (Email: Pro; Email & SMS: Enterprise)

Messages– Add a welcoming message for the day for visitors or a reminder for an event coming up when they are leaving.

Alerts– If a staff member is not on-site, our system can let the visitor know. (Enterprise)

Updates– We are always adding new useful features to DigiGreet, within Enterprise you will get access to these at no extra cost. (Enterprise)

Students – Manage late arrivals or leaving early to ensure the emergency evacuation list is accurate.

Questions, information & inductions – Ask questions on arrival, give information on your policies and site, even give inductions with images and video.

Visitor Feedback– Ask visitors for feedback on their visit. (Enterprise)

Visitor and Contractor Management
Visitor and Contractor Management

Linking DigiGreet Visitor Management and Hague QMS Queue Management & Appointment Booking providing a total customer service solution.

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