Concierge Queue Management

Today’s customer, student queue management or patient experience solutions are no longer about touch-screen kiosks, paper tickets, and those annoying automated announcements.  Technology has moved on allowing us to manage customers, students and patients in new and dynamic ways.

No longer does a customer, student or patient be forced to interact with a touch-screen….let’s make the first point of contact a human!

Hague Australia Concierge solution is free to download Concierge App that allows members of staff to ‘meet & greet’ customers, students or patients as they enter your service centre of a healthcare clinic.  Having that initial ‘human’ contact has been proven to improve the customer experience.

Customer, Student and Patient experience had to change!

iPad Concierge can be used wherever and whenever you want; no limits and no restrictions

Concierge Queue Management
Concierge Queue Management

A staff member using the Hague Australia Queue Management Concierge solution can answer any questions the customer, student or patients have and if required, place them into a virtual queue.  If not convenient for the Concierge can book an appointment for another day using Appointment Booking.

If the inquiry can be answered, there is no need to put them in a queue, therefore, reducing the workload on your counter staff…not to mention the improvement in the customer experience.

Concierge Queue Management can be used at normal trading periods such as event evenings, Orientation Week or Course Enrollment Days.

Use Concierge Queue Management wherever and whenever you want within your business.  No longer restricted to outdated hardware.

Benefits of Hague Australia Concierge:

  • Download the Concierge App from the App Store.
  • Use wherever you want, whenever you want. No more user licenses or support contracts to manage.
  • At busier periods, deploy extra staff using iPad’s & Concierge to increase service times.
  • Utilising Concierge with Queue ManagementAppointment Booking has been shown to improve customer experience.

Concierge is free to use anytime, anywhere with Hague Australia as it is included in the price of Queue Management.

Using the Concierge App, you can deploy more staff at busier times.

Hague Australia Queue Management is powered by QLess

Concierge Queue Management
Concierge Queue Management

Concierge is free to download from the App Store with no limit on the number of staff that can be a Concierge

The face of queue management and student experience is changing.  QLess Concierge Queue Management is at the forefront of driving those changes.

Concierge Queue Management

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