Chequebook out of fashion?

Chequebook out of fashion?

Do you still use a Chequebook?  Lots of businesses still do!

Did you know that Hague Australia has over 40 years experience of in printing Chequebooks? We are experts in this field and whilst the Australian Government has said that Cheques will no longer be valid after 2030, that still leaves another seven years of production.

Hague Australia sources our cheque paper directly eliminating the paper merchants.  In Australia, there are no longer papermills as the last (Maryvale) closed in January 2023.

Today, we print chequebooks for over thirty leading Australian financial institutions and Retail businesses.

Want to know why we still produce bank Cheques:

There are a few reasons why you might want to have a chequebook.

  • To make payments to people who don’t have a bank account. Some people, such as the elderly or people who live in remote areas, may not have a bank account. If you need to pay these people, you can use a cheque.
  • To make payments that are too large to be processed electronically. Cheques are not subject to the same daily transaction limits as electronic payments. This means that you can use a cheque to make a large payment, such as a rent payment or a car payment.
  • To make payments that require a signature. Some businesses, such as landlords, may require you to pay with a cheque. This is because they need a physical signature to verify that the payment is genuine.

However, it’s important to note that cheques are becoming less common. Many businesses and banks are now encouraging customers to use electronic payments instead. This is because electronic payments are more secure and efficient.

If you do decide to keep a chequebook, it’s important to store it in a safe place. You should also be careful not to lose or misplace your cheques. If you lose your chequebook, you should report it to your bank immediately.

Our Cheque and Credit product offerings

  • Cheque & Credit Design Studio – Australian Payments Network compliant
  • A4 Cheques & Remittances
  • Chequebooks & Deposit books
  • System & Continuous Cheques
  • Multi-part set documents
  • Warrants, Certificates
  • Bespoke, Personalised & Encoded Holograms
  • Cheque Printing Equipment, Software, Hardware, Toner, Base Stock
  • Cheque Clearing Software, Hardware & Engineering Services
  • Embossing, Foiling & Encoding
  • Security Tickets, Vouchers & Passes
  • Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards
  • Gift & Promotional Vouchers

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