Why is security print so important?

Why is security print so important?

When it comes to forgery, printed items are some of the key targets for criminals. According to the Australian Government’s Institute of Criminology, in 2018–19, the estimated direct and indirect cost of identity crime in Australia was $3.1b. 

Some documents and printed items face a higher risk of theft or forgery than others, including membership cards, cheques, stock certificates and education certificates. So, what can your business do to ensure your printed items are made more secure, and why is it important you do so?

It can authenticate an official document 

By embedding a hologram (an image that can only be reproduced using the master copy) as part of the printing process, you can not only make official documents more secure, but they’ll also look even more professional too. Hologram printing is suitable for a whole range of official documents, including university degree certificates and membership documents, and it will make life much harder for the fraudsters too! 

It will prevent event tickets from being replicated 

For music lovers, a ticket for a concert or festival is a prized possession, as it not only provides proof that they are going to see their favourite act live but it reinforces that your event is legitimate too. Unfortunately, the popularity of some events can encourage fraudsters to try and scam unsuspecting fans, but by using a bespoke hologram as part of your ticket printing you will help to prevent tampering and make them more secure. 

It will reinforce that your product is the genuine article 

As a business, your brand and reputation are extremely important and valuable to you – especially if you produce luxury or high-value products. To avoid the risk of counterfeiting, using a unique holographic sticker as part of the packaging design will help to reinforce to customers that your product is authentic, rather than a fake. In addition, this visible and effective security feature will help to protect your brand message and heritage and highlight the product’s quality too. 

As members of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (which actively works to ensure holography remains relevant and a valid security option), Hague really are the holographic experts. 

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