Universities enhance their Open Day with Hague QMS

Universities enhance their Open Day with Hague QMS

Student Service Centre (SSC) technology (also known as Queue Management or Student Management Solutions) can be a powerful tool for managing University Open Days beyond just standard student services.

Improve your University Open Day with Hague QMS

Benefits for Students:

  • Registration and Appointment Booking: Students interested in attending the Open Day can pre-register through the SSC portal. This allows them to express interest in specific programs or tours, and potentially book appointments with faculty or admissions staff.
  • Interactive Information Access: The SSC platform can be used to provide an interactive information hub for Open Day attendees. This could include downloadable brochures, program information, virtual tours, and live chat support with current students or staff.
  • Real-time Queue Management: If the Open Day involves face-to-face interactions, a virtual queuing system can be integrated with the SSC. This allows students to join lines electronically, see wait times, and receive updates on their position.

Benefits for the University:

  • Improved Efficiency: SSC technology streamlines Open Day logistics by automating tasks like registration and appointment scheduling. This frees up staff time to focus on interacting with prospective students.
  • Data Collection and Analytics: The SSC can capture valuable data from Open Day attendees, such as program interests and inquiry topics. This data can be used to personalize communication with potential students and improve future Open Days.
  • Enhanced Brand Image: Utilizing technology for Open Days demonstrates a commitment to innovation and student experience. This can create a positive impression on prospective students.

There is no doubt, that using Hague QMS helps improve the overall efficiency of the University Open Day.  Not only are students informed of their wait time (and believe me, they will have to wait especially when five hundred students or potential students are on campus at any one time), also, staff morale is improved.


Take it one step further and students can interact with the messages they receive whether these are in SMS or a mobile webpage.  Students can act on the information provided.  Additionally, what about the opportunity for the University to increase revenue by targeted marketing messages to the students encouraging them to visit the University’s retail outlets or encouraging the students to book for additional activities?  Our Return on Investment document that we provide every organisation that signs up to Hague QMS shows that most businesses will get a return on investment within the first 18 months.

Universities spend tens of thousands of dollars creating the perfect Open Day; no one wants to wait in a cramped auditorium along with five hundred other students.  If you have education areas, cafes and learning spaces open, using Hague QMS helps manage the flow of students and if a student has an hour to wait, they are more inclined to go and use the education areas, cafes and learning spaces.

Here’s just one example of an Australian University using Hgaue QMS to manage their open day.

University Open Day

Here are some additional considerations:

  • Integration with Existing Systems: Ensure the SSC can integrate with other university systems like the admissions portal or CRM for a seamless experience.
  • Accessibility: The Open Day platform should be accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.
  • Training: Provide staff with training on using the SSC technology effectively to manage the Open Day.

By leveraging Student Service Centre technology, universities can create a more efficient, informative, and engaging experience for both students and staff during Open Days.

By using Hague QMS for your University Open Day, we can significantly increase operational efficiency and the overall Student experience.

Downloading separate apps or licenses is unnecessary as the software uses standard web URLs. Hague QMS also has an open license, which means there are no limitations on when or where you use the service. Contact one of our Student Management experts by filling out a contact form, emailing contact@hagueaustralia.com.au or calling 0385796566.

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