Queue Management within University Service Centres

Queue Management within University Service CentresStudent queue management allows students to join a virtual queue or book an appointment from their mobile phone, touch-screen kiosks or via the University web site,  App or QLess App. 

QLess manages the wait time and will keep the student updated and notify them when it’s their turn to be served.  No more frustrating waiting areas as QLess will keep them informed via their mobile phone.  


Queue Management within University Service Centres has been developed specifically to make interactions between students and Student Services easier.  We all know that students would rather be catching up with the latest tweet, getting a coffee or, come to think of it, anything else other than sitting in a waiting area.  The great news, QLess lets them get on with their lives and by the way, the service centre staff will be happier as well.

With QLess Queue Management for Universities & TAFE’s, students can go onto the University web site or use the University App to view real-time service centre data such as ‘how long do they have to wait to be seen or ‘can they book an appointment for tomorrow at 10 am.  With QLess, all students have the flexibility to interact with how they want.

Additionally, to the web and App interactions, students can join a virtual queue or book an appointment by SMS, using a touch-screen kiosk around the campus or talking to one of the on-site Concierges who will be using the Free QLess Concierge App.


Whilst many queue management systems require a business to have ‘user licenses’ servers and all the complexities that usually comes with a queue management solution, QLess doesn’t.  With QLess, we don’t care how many counters you have.  We don’t care how many people use QLess within your University or TAFE.  With QLess, you can use the solution wherever and whenever you want with the added benefit of no restrictions on the number of users that you’ll need to run your business effectively.

There are a number of advantages of unlimited licenses however, we believe one of the biggest is the fact that you can deploy as many Concierges in your service centre as you need.  All the Concierges need to do is download the free QLess Concierge App from the App Store and then run it on an iPad.  Simple!

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Concierge Solution - Hague AustraliaFlexAppointment

There is no doubt that QLess student queue management is the most advanced queue management system available within Australia.  In addition to the functionality of touch-screen kiosks, SMS interaction, Concierge, web and App access, QLess also incorporates Appointment Booking.

QLess Appointment Booking allows students to pre-book appointments with a specific resource or course tutors.  Once their appointment is selected, QLess checks the staff members calendar and confirms or cancels the appointment.  Once confirmed, students receive an email and SMS…they will also receive an SMS two hours before their appointment t and so no more ‘no shows’.

All appointment slots are managed by you and whilst you can always schedule holidays or special event days, there will always be the ‘unseen’ sick days.  No worries as QLess will also manage these ensuring your students can only book when staff are available.

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appointment booking

Student Feedback

Ok, so your students have joined a virtual queue, booked an appointment, they have waited in the coffee shop instead of a long line and now, they have been served…what next.

The part that is missing from every student queue management solution is the ability for the student to tell you exactly what they thought!  Whilst some feedback may critic the way you run your service centre, you’ll definitely welcome the feedback (the good or bad).

With QLess, once the student has been served, QLess will automatically send the student an SMS with a link for the survey.  The staff member doesn’t have to do anything.  Once the student has completed the survey, all submitted surveys can be reviewed.  What’s more; as a business, you can change the questions asked, the format of the survey and the feedback format…easy!

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Customer Feedback


Touchscreen Kiosk

If you still require a touchscreen kiosk, no problem; Hague Australia can provide them.

Our commercial touchscreen kiosks use the latest 22″ LCD technology backed up by HP & Dells latest processors.  If you require ticket printing, MSR readers or ID Scanners, again, not a problem as these can also be provided.

Our range of touchscreen kiosks is fully branded using your logo and colour scheme.


Touch screen kiosk


All you need is an internet connection, Hague Australia managed everything else.  There was no software to install, licenses or even support agreements to worry about.  Would I recommend Hague Australia & QLess?  Yes, without a doubt” – Australian University


“We found that QLess helped our staff manage students within our service centre better than our traditional kiosk system.  We extended the use of QLess to now manage our Course Decision days when we process over 1,000 potential students within four hours”. – Australian University

Appointment Booking

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