Energy efficient office

Energy efficient office

In the UK, specialist provider Hague Group has announced plans to relocate its Head Office to a new 3-acre site with a 37,500 sq ft Office and Warehouse complex.

The company said the move would support its long-term growth strategy and commitment to environment and sustainability goals.  Hague has installed a 20kwp Solar Photovoltaic system. This converts solar energy from the sun directly into electricity. Solar power is pollution-free during use. This is a renewable form of energy production and will save over 5 tonnes of Co2 per year.

As part of our commitment to continuous environmental improvements, Hague has implemented an air-source heat pump (ASHP), which takes the ambient heat from the outside air and uses it to heat inside. Its efficiency is measured with the ‘coefficient of performance’ (COP). An ASHP has a COP of 3, meaning a heat pump produces 3 units of heat energy for each unit of electricity used.

Graham Wain, Managing Director of Hague Group said ‘We are intent on building a facility that will meet our growth ambitions and add efficiencies of service to our clients. Our ongoing commitment to reducing our carbon footprint is at the forefront of this development decision, as well as providing office space that our colleagues will enjoy working in.’

This week members of Hague visited the site to help plant 500 trees, creating a hedgerow of four native tree species to encourage wildlife.

Plans have been agreed to plant 2,000 trees in total throughout the site.

The move is planned for this year and work is progressing well in redeveloping the site.