Hague QMS Customer Experience whilst Socialing Distancing

Hague QMS Customer Experience whilst Socialing Distancing

Improving Customer Experience was never easy and then, COVID-19 hit.

We all remember the world before the COVID-19 pandemic. Crowded trains, busy roads, waiting in line for a table at our favourite restaurant, waiting in line to pay for our groceries and generally waiting for service. How the world has changed!

Companies have come to understand that waiting in line is not the best form of customer experience. Added to this, are social distancing measures; businesses now must adapt in order they not only retain their customer base; they can expand it.

The pandemic has forced businesses to look at a future without waiting lines.

Technology represents the opportunity to improve the customer experience. Customer service technologies, such as messaging services, improved online shopping experiences, and social distancing line management software like a waiting line app, has emerged as a necessity to keep businesses running.

Implementing solutions such as Hague QMS will help improve the customer experience within your business.  RetailersHealthcareUniversities, and Finacial and Government agencies all use Hague QMS customer experience solutions to bring beneficial change to their businesses; and all of this happened before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hague QMS allows customers, students, or patients to view real-time service data or book an Online Appointment using your business website, on their mobile phone via interactive SMS, Hague QMS or your Business App.  Once they have joined a virtual queue, they are free to do what they want; certainly not wait in crowded waiting areas!

Hague QMS will keep them informed of their actual wait time (not an estimate).  Hague QMS manages the virtual queues and lets the customer know when it’s their turn to be seen.  After the service, Hague QMS will send a Customer Feedback link.  Now you know what your customers think about their customer experience.

Hague QMS has been proven to help businesses with social distancing; added to that, it’s proven to increase the customer experience.

QHague QMS Less is one part of the picture, additional requirements will also be required within your Service Centres such as additional Signage or floor Vinyl.  Hague Australia’s print division will be happy to provide these.

If you want to know more about Hague QMS and how it can help improve the customer experience,  email us at contact@hagueaustralia.com.au  or complete the request below for an informal discussion.