Customer Feedback

Ok, so you have a queue management solution deployed and you believe that customers are getting the benefit.  The real issue; you’ll never know what your Customers/Patients or Students really think until you ask them!

I’m sure we have all been in a situation where you have just been served and the person who just served you pushes a little black box with three or four buttons (usually one is missing).  They ask you to rate the service they have provided…of course you are going to mark Excellent, after all, they are sitting in front of you.

Take it one step further, you are just about to leave the Service Centre and a member of staff asks you to use a touch-screen kiosk to leave feedback. Even if the kiosk is working, the staff member is right there.

You’ll never get real customer feedback this way!

Hague Australia Queue Management allows your customers, patients or students to interact with your services in a whole new way.

No longer do your customers have to wait in a waiting area.  Let’s face it, after the COVID-19 pandemic, things had to change.  Using Hague Australia Queue Management, your customers, patients or students can view real-time service data on your website, join a virtual queue or book a real-time Appointment for another day.  Added to this is the convenience of allowing customers to book their spot in line or an appointment via their mobile phone using SMS, or your Business App.

Being in a virtual queue with real-time updates is only part of the story.

Hague Australia Queue Management features a real-time customer feedback option.  Customer Feedback uses a real-time SMS link, touchscreen kiosk or emailed web link which is sent to the customer, student or patent automatically after they have completed their enquiry with your staff.

Staff don’t have to do anything other than summon the next customer or student; Hague Australia Queue Management will automatically send the Customer Feedback link.

Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback

The Customer Feedback form can be changed or modified by your business at any time.  You can ask single, multiple-choice or matrix questions; the choice is yours.  Once complete, the survey is sent back to your business where data can be analysed.

Customer Feedback is designed to be flexible and to take into account the constant changes that happen within your business.  No more fixed questions regardless of the time of year.

Now you really know what they thought of the service your team has provided!

Benefits of Hague Australia Queue Management – Customer Feedback:

  • The feedback survey is sent automatically after the customer service has finished.  No need for staff to do anything.
  • Customers can complete the feedback form any time they want.
  • Customer feedback data can be analysed or exported to a third-party reporting solution.
  • Feedback has been shown to improve the customer, student or patient experience.
Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback within Queue Management takes the guesswork away from operation and management teams.  No longer do you have to guess as to what your customers thought of the service you provide; now you’ll know.

Many Customer Customer Feedback solutions use pre-defined questions.  With ague Queue Management Customer Feedback, your marketing team can change the questions depending on the time of year or the trading conditions.

Understanding what your customers (or Students) thought of the service they received is key to improving the overall customer and student experience.

Why not talk to Hague Australia and find out how we can help improve your customer and student experience scores?

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