StREAM Student Engagement

Student Engagement Analytics Platform


What is StREAM?

A pioneering product that is revolutionising the way universities visualise and manage student engagement.

Student engagement analytics is a critical tool for supporting strategic agendas including.

  • Student retention
  • Student attainment
  • Wellbeing
  • Student Success

StREAM is a Student Engagement Analytics Platform that provides educators with student engagement insight at cohort, course, module, and individual levels in a single platform. With a range of out-of-the-box integrations, it is easy to plug in the data sources that you need to gain powerful insight and deliver a proactive and personalised approach to student support.

Real-time data

StREAM takes data from a wide range of digital touchpoints, which together represent participation in academic learning.

Engagement Algorithm

Our unique algorithm is applied to your data and tailored to reflect how engagement is represented at your institution.

Holistic View

With this insight, universities gain a holistic view of how students are engaging at cohort, course, module and individual levels.

Engagement Score

A simple measure of engagement for easy-to-understand visualisation and interpretation of data.

StREAM Student Engagement
StREAM Student Engagement

With a strong correlation between engagement and retention, well-being and attainment, student engagement analytics provides powerful insights into how students are progressing.

Enabling universities to…

  • Easily identify students showing signs of ‘risk’ to progression
  • Activate proactive, relevant, and timely support interventions
  • Build a better understanding of engagement and ‘what works’ at individual, course, or cohort level

StREAM takes real-time data that represents students’ ‘academically purposeful activity’ from a range of digital touchpoints (e.g., VLE, Library, lecture capture, SIS).

The engagement algorithm transforms this data into a single measure of engagement and distributes learners into low to high-engagement categories.

Engagement dashboards present daily engagement insight back to both students and their educators.

Alerts, intervention, and referral tools help to manage student outreach and support.

Key Benefits


  • Visualise engagement across your university
    and for each individual student
  • Identify students at ‘risk’ of progression, withdrawal
    or those in need of motivation and encouragement
  • Facilitate more meaningful and timely conversations
    with your students


  • Daily engagement measure gives an indication of your participation in your academic activities
  • Access to own data to empower learning
  • View patterns of engagement and see the impact of change
StREAM Student Engagement
StREAM Student Engagement

Engagement insight is key

With most teaching and learning now taking place online, students are interacting with multiple digital touch points that provide a representation of active participation in their learning – student engagement.

It is this insight that has the potential to build a picture of engagement and disengagement at an individual, course or cohort level. Disengagement can then form the basis for informing who, when and how to target student support.

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What our customers think of  StREAM


“We are now, more than ever, relying on understanding how our students are engaging remotely and being able to put timely support in place for those who are beginning to struggle. It would have been impossible for us to do this as effectively without StREAM and their flexible and supportive team.”

Jonathan Eaton, Academic Registrar – Teesside University


“We are relying far more than usual on making contact, reaching out, picking up the phone and having a conversation – because that’s the most important thing for student’s wellbeing”

Jo Midgley, Pro Vice Chancellor for Student Experience – UWE Bristol



StREAM Student Engagement

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