The 4 Benefits of Digital Printing That Every Business Owner Should Know

The 4 Benefits of Digital Printing That Every Business Owner Should Know

We live and work in a digital world. What was once done with a pen and paper, is now done with a stylus and e-paper on a tablet. So too, with large-scale printing. While offset printing is still around, digital printing is growing in popularity thanks to ease and cost factors.

If you want your business to grow, and you want to get your message out to hundreds and thousands of potential customers through flyers and mail drops, you can do it so much better now with digital printing.

Let’s talk about what digital printing is and how it can help your business.


What Is Digital Printing & How Does it Differ From Traditional Printing?

Digital printing is where you print digital-based images directly onto your medium. You can print on demand and easily customise print jobs for varying customer needs.

Digital printing differs from traditional, off-set printing in that it doesn’t require any printing plates to print onto the receiving surface. Digital printing is also speedier. You can produce a print run for mail-out quicker than traditional printing methods, and you can change the layout or the font with a click of a button and continue the same print run.


What Is VDP (Variable Data Printing)?

Variable Data Printing is another major difference, and advantage, between digital printing and traditional offset printing, and we utilise it to great effect in all our digital printing.

VDP is a print-on-demand system where you can change elements of the printed products from one printed object to the next. You can do this without stopping the print run.

This allows you to change graphics in an article from print to print, change text blocks in newsletters and such. This is perfect if you have a complex mailing list with different customer types. Powerful as a sales funnel tool.

VDP also allows you to run off all your printing needs in one go, without having to reset printers or reload a program or file to print from.

Do you have multiple catalogues to print and send out? Set up the templates, have different images and text for different sections, and run off multiple versions in one go. Save time and money with Hague.


What Are Some Of The Disadvantages of Digital Printing?

Despite the constant leaps ahead in technology and function, digital printing still can’t quite match it with off-set printing when it comes to colours. The wider range of inks can mean you can find a shade of green not seen on the market. Offset printing uses the Pantone Colour System, while digital uses the colour in hex codes. There are more colours on the Pantone scale than on the hexadecimal scale.

Digital printers only use a 4-colour method to get as close to the perfect colour as possible. Often, the colour you see on your screen is not quite the colour you see in the final printed product.

The range of materials to print on is also larger if you use the traditional printing method. But that gap is shortening.

If you’re doing large print runs, then it could be more cost effective to go with traditional printing. The higher the number of units printed, the lower the cost-per-unit becomes with offset printing.


What Are The Benefits of Digital Printing Solutions?


–      Fast Turnaround

With the ability to print from a digital file and not go through the lengthy process of setting up print plates, the turnaround time for big print runs is quick. If you need a big order in a couple of days, it is entirely possible.

Talk to your digital print people first, of course.


–      Endless Personalisation Possibilities

You can change the output easily. If you need slight adjustments after the initial print run, go into the software, make them, and keep printing.

You can have a large print run with individual names for each print output, like a mail merge, but fancier.

The possibilities for what you print are also many—mailouts or letter box drops with DL flyers or envelope drops. You can print posters, and some printing can include canvas, fabrics, cardstock and more.

Match up your brand through posters and printing onto polo tops.


–      Greater Flexibility

You can choose a small print run, or a massive print run, all from the same data and files you give us. There is no need to set up an offset printer each time. We just load the file and print away for you.


–      Smaller Upfront Investment Required & No Set Up Costs


You can deliver a pdf file for printing if you like. Most word processing and desktop publishing packages give you the option to save it as a pdf. You do not need to buy special software to print with.

Digital printing also saves on ink. It only uses ink on the parts being printed, and there is no need to clean up the plates after printing. This saves you even more money.


Use Cases: Benefits of Digital Printing for Small Businesses

 Arguably the biggest benefit for small businesses is the saving on time and money. You can set up the software, create what you need and send it to the printer, all from your home, or your shop front.

You also get the benefit of a professional printer, making sure it all works. Paper jams? Not your problem. Run out of ink? Easily fixed. You will know that professionally printed products will be delivered to your door, quickly. One less stress for a small business.

If you want to do a local letter-box drop for your new florist, with a special offer, create it, and ask for one thousand prints. You can even double up on A4 paper and get it cut to fit into letterbox slots. All you have to do is walk the streets telling everyone about your crazy special on a dozen roses.


Uses Cases: Benefits for Medium-Sized Businesses

Medium-sized businesses can save time and money on volume. No need to have one staff member monitoring the printer and resupplying paper when you run out. You can have print runs of thousands of items, sorted and organised and delivered for you.

Often, when your business grows in size, the printing requirements grow as well.

  • Employee Contracts
  • Work Process Documents
  • Sales materials.
  • Policy documents.

The list grows. Having all of these on file and being able to print on demand, to a high standard and presentation, boosts your brand image.


How Can I Get Started With Digital Printing?

Give Hague Australia a call on 03 8579 6566 or get in touch via our contact form to discuss what you want to be printed and how often. We can help you set up an account and make the process as simple as a click-and-go.