Council Queue Management; It’s now all about the Customer Experience

Council Queue Management; It’s now all about the Customer Experience

Council Queue Management as it used to be known has evolved.  Queue Management is no more; It’s now all about the Customer Experience.

Council Service Centres can be tricky to manage because, as Rate Payers, we all want our questions answered in an efficient manner; We no longer want to wait in line wondering when we are to be seen.

Technology changes mean that customers can now remotely see service wait times and then elect to join a virtual service, book a call-back or an Appointment for another day.  If, as a customer, you want to go to the Customer Service Centre, you will want the most efficient way to be served and this has led many Council Service Centres to deploy Concierges.

Hague QMS is a software platform that helps councils manage customer queues more efficiently and effectively. Hague QMS provides several benefits for both councils and their customers, including:

  • Reduced wait times: Hague QMS helps to reduce wait times for customers by allowing them to join a virtual queue before they even arrive at the council service centre. This means that customers can spend less time waiting and more time doing the things they want to do.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Hague QMS can help to improve customer satisfaction by reducing wait times and providing customers with more flexibility in how they access council services. For example, customers can use Hague QMS to book appointments, check the status of their queue, or get an estimated wait time.
  • Increased staff productivity: Hague QMS can help to increase staff productivity by automating many of the tasks associated with managing customer queues. This frees up staff to focus on providing services to customers.
  • Better data collection and reporting: Hague QMS provides councils with data on customer queue times, wait times, and other metrics. This data can be used to improve the efficiency of council services and to identify areas where improvements can be made.
  • Reduced costs: Hague QMS can help to reduce costs for councils by reducing the need for staff to manage customer queues manually. Hague QMS can also help to reduce the need for physical queueing infrastructure, such as queuing barriers and seating.

Council Customer ServicesHere are some specific examples of how Hague QMS can be used by Councils to improve their services.  A Council could use Hague QMS:

  • Integrate into the Council Knowledge Base system therefore sharing interaction data across the entire business.
  • to allow customers to book appointments for popular services, such as building applications or building permits. This would reduce the need for customers to wait in line and would make it easier for the council to manage its workload.
  • to create virtual queues for different types of services. For example, there could be a virtual queue for customers who have booked appointments and a virtual queue for customers who have not booked appointments. This would help to reduce wait times for all customers.
  • to provide customers with real-time information about their queue status. For example, customers could receive an SMS message when they are approaching the front of the queue. This would allow customers to plan their time more effectively.
  • To collect real-time customer feedback after the transaction has been completed.

Overall, Hague QMS is a valuable tool for councils that are looking to improve their customer service and efficiency.

Council Queue Management is no more.  That’s one benefit that Hague Australia has helped introduce into the Council Service Centre.

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