Hague Australia sponsors HOSA 2023

Hague Australia sponsors HOSA 2023

Hague Australia is thrilled to announce our continued support as a major sponsor of the Heads of Student Administration (HOSA) event in 2023. As an organization dedicated to promoting excellence and leadership, HOSA plays a vital role in recognizing the invaluable contributions made by student and academic administration services.

At Hague Australia, we understand the importance of efficient and effective student administration services in creating an environment that fosters growth, learning, and success. We are proud to align ourselves with HOSA’s mission of promoting excellence in this crucial area.

By sponsoring HOSA, we aim to not only showcase our commitment to supporting educational institutions but also to contribute towards the development of best practices and innovative solutions within student administration services. We believe that by working together with like-minded professionals, we can drive positive change and elevate the standards of student administration across Australia.

We look forward to engaging with industry leaders, sharing insights, and collaborating on initiatives that will shape the future of student administration. Together with HOSA, Hague Australia is excited about the opportunities ahead as we continue our journey towards excellence in education.

Join us at HOSA 2023 as we celebrate achievements, inspire one another, and pave the way for a brighter future in student and academic administration services.

Hague Australia’s sponsorship includes annual membership as well as sponsoring the 2023 conferences which will be held in Perth on 23rd August 2023.

The team of Hague Australia will be onsite to discuss and show our range of dynamic software and security print solutions.  To learn about the solutions on offer, please click the relevant link: Software Solutions   Security Print

If you would like further details on HOSA and how it can benefit you, please click HERE