Customer Queue Management

Hague QMS (Queue Management) allows your customers (whether they be customers in your service centres, students within your student services or patients within your healthcare clinic) to view real-time service data and join a ‘virtual queue’.  Extended functionality includes real-time Appointment Booking from your website, joining via mobile phone, at the service centre by talking to the Concierge or even self-help via a touch-screen kiosk.

Once joined, they are free to do what they want.  Hague QMS Queue Management will inform them of their wait time and automatically call them back when it’s their turn to be served.  Gone are the days of ‘take a ticket & wait” and those tinny voice announcements “customer 123 to counter 2.

At the end of the service, Hague QMS will automatically send an SMS with a link for Customer/Student Feedback; now you really know what they thought of the service!

Now for the best bit…

There are no large upfront investments or elongated projects.  Hague QMS Queue Management includes unlimited users, all software, professional services, software & help desk support, all future software upgrades and access to the latest customer queue management solution available today.  No more user licenses, servers or support contracts to manage.

Hague Australia Queue Management is based on Amazon Web Services in Australia and so all data is secure and kept onshore.

As the industry leader, worldwide, Hague Australia equip organisations large and small with flexible solutions that provide absolute control over scheduling customers, students or patients visits.

Deployed in Education, Government, Healthcare, Retail & Financial Services in Australia and around the world.

Customer Queue Management
Customer Queue Management

Benefits of Queue Management

  • Virtual Meetings or Telephone callbacks are easily created and can help manage customer flow rather than having walkins
  • Real-time queue management across all your service centres, campuses or healthcare facilities
  • Interactive SMS and Appointment Booking via mobile phone, App, Concierge tablet, iPad kiosk or website
  • Free to integrate to third-party CRM and customer databases
  • Reduced no-shows and cancellations
  • Increase Customer Feedback by over 90% providing valuable insights into the customer service you are providing
  • Option of free-standing touchscreen kiosks
  • Real-time management reporting.
  • Used in over 60 locations in Australia and 1,000’s worldwide
  • Free to use Concierge App, anywhere, anytime

Hague QMS patented technology eliminates waiting in line by letting people join a mobile queue or book an appointment from their mobile phones, tablet, or website.  Hague QMS does not demand that customers, students or patients need to wait in a cramped waiting area; they are free to get a coffee and catch up on the latest tweet safe in the knowledge that Hague QMS will let them know when it is their turn to be seen.

Hague QMS is highly interactive. It allows customers, students or patients to join an interactive ‘virtual’ queue and once joined, they are free to do whatever they want.  Hague QMS will inform the customer, student, or patient of their actual wait time.  No longer ‘take a ticket, sit and wait’.  Now your customers have the freedom to do what they want.

The service goes far beyond simply sending a single text message or phone call when you are ready to serve the customer. It allows them to check wait times, select a service on offer, join a virtual service, book an Appointment, and request on-demand status updates.

Customer Queue Management
Customer Queue Management

Hague QMS Mobile Queue Management is highly interactive. It goes far beyond simply sending a single text message when you are ready to serve the next person in line. Hague QMS allows them to check wait times, select queues, join queues, move queues, request on-demand status updates to find out their spot in line and their forecast wait time, leave the line, re-join the line, and switch back and forth between text messages and phone calls. No other queue management system can offer this facility.

What our customers think of Hague Australia Queue Management

“This has allowed us to reduce average wait times by 9 minutes and improve our average processing times by 46% saving us more than $7M annually” – Global telecom retailer

“All you need is an internet connection, Hague Australia managed everything else.  There was no software to install or licenses to worry about” – Australian University

“We extended the use of Queue Management to now manage our Course Decision days when we process over 1,000 potential students within four hours”. – Australian University

“We have reduced our Appointment ‘no shows’ by 45%.  Appointment booking has helped us to manage our patient flow which has surpassed all expectations”. – Australian Healthcare

Customer Queue Management

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