Hague QMS Student Queue Management hits a new high

Hague QMS Student Queue Management hits a new high

Hague Australia is pleased to announce another leading Australian University is deploying Hague QMS Student Queue Management.

The number of companies using Hague QMS continues to grow and it’s easy to see why.  Queue Management is Cloud-based queue management and customer service solution that brings operational efficiency to any business.

Hague QMS allows students, customers or patients to join a virtual queue through many different channels.  Hague QMS interacts with a web browser, mobile phone, App, Concierge and commercial-grade touch-screen kiosk.  The service manages wait times and sets expectations.

Unlike traditional ‘take a ticket and wait for kiosk-based queue systems, Hague QMS self-learns wait times, and service times and is able to better predict when the student, customer or patient is to be seen.  All this results in businesses having happier customers and being safe in the knowledge that Hague QMS is working hard for them.

As the service progresses, students are kept up to date with their expected wait time and placed in a virtual queue.  Students can interact with the service and elect to request more time, push themselves back or, use other services such as ‘chat bots’.

At the end of the service, the student will receive a ‘feedback‘ link asking them for their thoughts on the service they have received.

Hague QMS is Cloud-based, there are no servers to install, licences to manage and definitely no elongated projects with all those business consultants.  With Hague QMS, businesses can be up and running in weeks.  Additionally, you don’t even have to worry about annual support contracts, there aren’t any.  We really do make it simple.  It is easy to see why Hague QMS has served over 100 million customers served Hague QMS queue management

Hague Australia will be providing more information about the University joining our growing family and I am sure our other University customers which include RMIT, Western Sydney University, La Trobe (to name a few) will also welcome them on board.

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If you want to talk about queue management for your service centre, healthcare clinic or retail site, please contact us contact@hagueaustralia.com.au