Hague Australia in Australian State Government Agency

Hague Australia in Australian State Government Agency

No one likes to wait in line.  Why waste all that time wondering how much longer you’ll be?  Let’s face it, we all have better things to do!

There are plenty of technical solutions available for businesses to use however, not all solutions deliver the results they promise.  Add to this; some solutions still require servers, licenses and self-reliant networks.  Not ideal especially if they are constantly failing.

How does a business avoid the issue of frustrated customers and poor feedback?  These are two common issues that we have found when talking to businesses.

Improved analytics and a better understanding of wait and service times have proven to be just two key criteria for improving customer experience.  These are not the only factors, however, a great place to start!

One such organisation that took these two factors into consideration is a business that is the latest to join the ‘Hague QMS Club’.  An Australian State Government Agency has just gone live with Hague QMS Queue Management.

Why is this project such a success?  Consider everything above re customers not knowing how long their wait will be and failing server-based systems and then add an incredibly quick project timescale of just under six weeks to deliver the solution from concept to reality.

Mike Wheble, Managing Director of Hague Australia said “We knew the issues that this Government agency faced.  Not only was it a problem of technology failing, but it was also an issue of operational detriment where members of staff lost faith in the solution and tools at hand

Mike continued “With the Hague QMS solution, we knew we could offer a solution that would add immediate business benefit as well as a future growth plan with additional features.  The benefits of online real-time appointment booking, customer surveys as well as technology advancements of using the latest HTML technologies. 

There is no doubt in my mind that this Government Agency will benefit from the solution that we have deployed today. I am extremely proud of not only the teams that helped to implement this project in tight timeframes but also of the work that has been done to offer the public of Australia far improved customer service”.

Want to know more about Hague QMS and how it can fit within your business?  Email us at contact@hagueaustralia.com.au