Student Queue Management is changing for the better!

Student Queue Management is changing for the better!

With Hague Australia Student Queue Management, you can say goodbye to the old-fashioned “take a ticket, sit and wait” approach. Our interactive system allows your students to join a virtual queue and have the freedom to do whatever they want while waiting.

Beyond just notifications

Hague Australia Student Queue Management goes above and beyond traditional methods of student communication of a simple Monitor. With our service, you can provide a seamless experience for your students by allowing them to check wait times, select services, join virtual queues, book appointments, and request real-time updates.

Convenience at your fingertips

Your students can easily access our Student Queue Management system through your website, business app, or mobile phone. They have the flexibility to check available services and wait times from anywhere. Additionally, they can utilize our onsite concierge services, and touchscreen kiosks, or speak directly to our knowledgeable advisors for assistance – all included free of charge in your annual subscription.

Simplify operations and exceed expectations.

With Hague Australia Student Queue Management, you can simplify your operations while providing exceptional student service. Our comprehensive features empower you to optimize resource allocation and reduce wait times. By utilizing our advanced technology solutions, you can ensure a seamless flow of students and exceed their expectations at every touchpoint.

Engage and inform your students.

Hague Australia Student Queue Management revolutionizes the waiting experience by providing a free media software platform. Our monitor display will keep your students informed about service availability, wait times, and their service positions. But it doesn’t stop there – our system also allows your marketing team to effortlessly add messaging and videos to communicate your brand’s message effectively.

Simplify setup and training.

With Hague Australia Student Queue Management, we take care of everything. No need to worry about complex configurations or building from scratch. Our one-off set-up fee covers hosting, configuration, building, and comprehensive online training. We make it easy for you to get started without any hassle or additional costs.

Affordable solution for exceptional value

Hague Australia Student Queue Management offers an affordable solution that provides exceptional value for your business. Say goodbye to recurring fees or hidden charges – with our transparent pricing model, you pay a one-off set-up fee and enjoy the benefits of our feature-rich Student Queue Management system without breaking the bank.

All-inclusive Subscription

With Hague Australia’s Student Queue Management, you’ll never have to worry about additional costs. Our annual subscription covers all modules, services, local and international support, help desk assistance, and future upgrades. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have full access to everything without any surprises.

Seamless Integration

Hague Australia Student Queue Management is 100% Internet-enabled, eliminating the need for software installations and expensive custom hardware. Say goodbye to lengthy technical projects and upfront capital costs. Our solution seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition without any disruptions.

Rapid Implementation

We understand the importance of efficiency in queue management. That’s why we guarantee a swift implementation process. From the moment your order goes live, we can have Hague Australia Student Queue Management up and running within four weeks. Experience the benefits of streamlined operations in no time.


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