Customer Concierge Management is the new way to manage customers or students within your service area.

At Hague Australia, we understand that different businesses operate differently.  Not only do we offer mobile SMS queueing, kiosk, App and queue management through your website, we also offer a Concierge App…all included within the fixed price.  Why not download the concierge App from the Apple Store?

Many other companies charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for this type of application, however with QLess from Hague Australia, it is included in the price.

Using the Concierge app, you can deploy more staff at busier times.  There are no additional costs for deploying the Concierge App and so, customers will be served faster.

Your Concierge staff will meet and greet customers as they enter your service centre and if able, answer the customer’s questions, therefore, removing the customer from the queue…again, reducing the workload of your service centre staff.

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