Hague QMS Student Queue Management furthers expansion in the University sector

Hague QMS Student Queue Management furthers expansion in the University sector

Student Queue Management has long been alluded to by many Australian Universities; until now.

Hague Australia is extremely pleased to announce the further expansion of Hague QMS Student Queue Management within Australia with another premier University contracted to Hague Australia and the Hague QMS solution.

Hague QMS Student Queue Management allows students to view real-time service data and wait times.  If a student decides to interact with the University, they join a ‘virtual line’ and because they don’t have to wait in the service centre, they are free to do what they want; get a coffee, and continue studying.  Hague QMS will interact with their mobile or the University App to keep the student informed of their expected wait time and when the staff are ready to serve the student, the student is notified.

Additional functionality such as a free Concierge App, commercial-grade touch-screen kiosks, Management Dashboard, and real-time Appointment Booking is being deployed to further enhance the market-leading mobile interaction functionality.

student queue management

Being Cloud-based, Hague QMS is quick to deploy and requires minimal input from the University; no long elongated projects, months of business consultancy or expensive service contracts.  Hague QMS can be deployed in a matter of weeks from start to finish.

Mike Wheble, Managing Director of Hague Australia said “I am absolutely delighted that Hague Australia has been selected especially as this was a very competitive bid”.

“It was clear from an early stage that the University required the latest technology and whilst mobile interaction was part of the requirements, having the additional functionality of 360 interaction, real-time Appointment Booking, touch-screen kiosks, Concierge and App technology also played a big part.  Hague Australia was the only company to offer this extensive range of features”.

“I believe the Hague Australia team really understood the business requirements”.

Mike also added, “Hague QMS is growing almost on a daily basis and I looking forward to a long-term business relationship with all of the team at the University”.

Hague Australia will be providing more information about the University joining our growing Hague QMS family.

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